But then I just spent the rest of the day imagining comebacks...
What does most likely to be a dime even freaking mean?

dude i have no idea. i think it’s what white boys use to say ur hot

Horoscopes REVEALED


aries: hot as hell
gemini: super fkn nice
cancer: cooler than ICE
leo: person everyone wants 2 party with
virgo: calm cool n collected
libra: hecka funny
scorpio: nice hair
sagittarius: reallllly smart
capricorn: most popular
aquarius: dogs favorite
pisces: most likely 2 be a dime
taurus: AWEsome friends

Suho awkwardly tries to join but gets pushed away each time (︶︹︺)

cutest baby


i cant think of a situation in which it makes sense to turn your tv to 100

more phan doodles X